Scott Disick está saliendo con ex de Justin Bieber

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Meses después de haber sido vistos juntos, la relación se habría formalizado.

 Scott Disick y Sofia Richie alimentaron los rumores de romance tras pasar la tarde juntos.

“Las cosas se hicieron oficiales durante la semana pasada mientras estaban juntos en la ciudad de Nueva York”, dijo una fuente a

El ex de Kourtney Kardashian, de 34 años, y Richie, de 19, fueron vistos en público juntos por última vez tomando café en Calabasas, California, antes de ir de compras a Barneys en Beverly Hills, el viernes 15 de septiembre.

Los dos fueron vistos juntos por primera vez durante el viaje de Disick a Cannes, Francia, en mayo, cuando se vio a Disick llevando a la modelo abrazada alrededor de un yate.


IF!!!!! this is true.. here are my thoughts as a fan: (My opinions are mine alone. I AM allowed 2have them) Everyone keeps talking shit about the «age» of the girls LD has kept company. Really? How is this even a scandal?? It’s no surprise that LD would try & find someone 2counter that «omg umm like hello.. like why would a «father» like not be perfect.. like really» (in a really annoying slow valley girl voice) I feel like it goes a little something like this… Boy was an only child. Boy was very handsome. Boy becomes famous. Boy falls in love. Boy goes out of his way to make his Lady happy. Boy becomes a man. Man has babies. Man has life tragedy & becomes orphan. Man goes a little crazy. Woman is not supportive & after not meeting demands she gave, leaves Man she was using for babies. Man goes more crazy. Woman pretends Man can come back if PERFECT. Perfection doesn’t happen. Woman moves on with a boy to hurt Man. Man moves on & starts looking ahead. Man realizes he has 3 beautiful babies & it’s time to move on & find his REAL love. Man has more babies. Man has happy wife successful life. Irony sets in.. KARMA sets in… woman who was never the wife realizes she had the perfect.. imperfect.. Man. HOPEFULLY.. Man stays with his real live current WIFE who loves & adores him for exactly who he is, only supporting his dreams & goals. Of course we want our partners 2b@ their best… but if you have the love enough 2take a vow.. KEEP IT!!) Do you Scott. Age ain’t nothing but a number (I mean it is if you go2low or have #scottdisick #sofiarichie #disrich #soft #newcouplealert #hollywood #fashion #style #dontjudge #whatyoudontknow #adultsnowday #streetstyle #nyc #newyorkcity #la #losangeles #bicoastal #kuwtk (would NOT be as popular without LD) #kimkardashian (really is #american #royalty because the #usa is built on #entrepreneurs & it’s the #entrepreneural #spirit that has made this #country #1 #krisjenner #khloekardashian #robkardashian (brother.. u really are poised 2take over everything!!! I wish I was your manager!)

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